How To Troubleshoot Your Car’s Engine?

When you know what’s wrong with your car engine, even if you are completely unable to fix the issue, you’re able to take appropriate measures immediately and then go for the right kind of repair works instead of letting others perform tests and troubleshoot the engine. It can actually save you from a lot of trouble and prevent the problem for expanding. Newbies to this topic can start learning here:

What does the noise mean?

Combustion engines naturally make noise. When your vehicle type is a silent one but suddenly you hear noise from it, it could call for repairs. There are strange sounds that give away a whole series of issues that can pose serious risks. If you hear a buzz, like a vibration, or perhaps a whirling sound, then the belt-driven accessories may be at fault. It could be the tension pulley, the radiator fan, the alternator, drive belt, etc. A hissing or sizzling sound may mean an overheated engine or an overworked cooling system. The steam might leak from the cap of the radiator. When there’s a lot of pressure building up, it begins to sound like a coffee pot that starts to boil. Is the exhaust loud? Then again, something in there might be leaking. Check the valve, the catalytic converter, exhaust manifold and muffler. If you hear ‘firecrackers’, the usual cause is water that somehow made its way where combustion happens. In spite of well-sealed systems, this can still occur today, mostly because of air condensation.

Is there visible exterior damage?

If the engine stopped working properly consequent to an accident, then there may be causes external to it causing the problem, such as bent parts or broken components coming in contact. In this situation, a panel beater in Warragul can cater to your damaged car and actually restore it to its factory state. All the necessary cosmetic work will be done accordingly. Note that these professionals are mainly engaged with the bodywork and may not go into component details. If the damage is deeper, you will need a technician.

Pay attention to the smells

Too many drivers only pay attention to the sounds coming from the engine, but ignore the smells. It’s easy to blame any weird odour on other cars in the traffic or on various other sources within the city. Learn to observe the smells that come from your own car and react to any change. When you hear a strange sound coming from the engine, you don’t turn the music up, but listen to it closely. Why then would you ignore a bizarre smell?

Use the scan tool

Is the “check engine” sign on? This could mean so many things. Use the calculator-like tool to troubleshoot the engine, but it will do just that: find the issue – never fix it. At least you’ll know where the problem lies and what to discuss or to expect at the repair centre. Usually, Go A Grade car technicians do this kind of scan, but if you own one such device, you can do it on your own. Make sure your vehicle has a compatible communication port in order to be able to use the tool.

To prevent common car engine problems, learn the basics of maintenance. Get educated on checking temperatures and fluid levels, especially the oil and don’t forget the coolant.