How To Get Through A Home Deep Clean

We all need to tackle a deep clean every once in a while. It can be an overwhelming challenge, particularly if it’s been a year or so since you last did a proper, thorough clean of your home, but once it’s done you’re bound to feel revitalised. The key to a successful deep spring clean is in the planning. Follow these tips and the cleaning process will be as stress-free as possible. Before you know it, you’ll be living in a shiny, clean new space.

  1. Organise a removal service. Because a deep clean necessarily involves lots of rubbish, aim to plan ahead by booking Super Cheap Rubbish Removal with rubbish removal Western suburbs. They’ll get rid of all of the waste you’re purging from your newly clean home, and will make sure that it’s disposed of in a responsible, eco-friendly manner.
  2. Start by de-cluttering. It’s impossible to really get in there and scrub your house clean if it’s filled with clutter. Organise a general de-cluttering session in the days leading up to your spring clean. You don’t need to create an elaborate organisation system for all of your clutter (though it may be wise to do that later), just focus on clearing away anything that isn’t where it should be for now. If you tend to get overwhelmed by clutter, it may help to break the task down into manageable chunks and do it over a few different days.
  3. Tackle the windows. Some of us ignore our windows most of the year, only to discover that they’re filthy when we begin to face the big spring clean. Take the time to focus in on your windows and get them shiny and clean again for summer. Once the light starts shining in, all of that telltale dirt will be visible. Use a window cleaning solution and wipe both the inside and outside of the windows – get the whole family involved if you have plenty of windows and not enough time.
  4. Assign duties. Speaking of delegating window-cleaning duties, you can apply this strategy to many of the spring clean tasks around your home. If your kids are old enough, make a chart and assign everyone their own spring clean responsibilities. Do a quick training session so they know what to do and then let each family member take on their own section. The deep clean could be done far more quickly and easily than you expected.
  5. Clean out the kitchen. Your kitchen doesn’t get enough attention during standard weekly cleaning sessions, so take the time to clear out all of the mess that’s been accumulated through the year during your deep clean. Clear out the cabinets, throw away old food that won’t be used, and take everything out of the fridge that isn’t edible anymore.
  6. Push the furniture to the side. Your spring clean is one of those times that you will need to shove the furniture out of the way to really get at those floors. Make sure the more muscular members of the family get involved, or use furniture gliders under your sofa or beds to make the process less taxing. Carpets may require a proper carpet-cleaning machine, but these can easily be rented to save you some cash.