Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 

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As Father’s Day draws ever nearer it might be time to start casting your mind forward and start thinking about what you can get for your dad that is a little more unique than socks, golf balls or alcohol. Dad’s can be notoriously difficult people to buy for, it’s true, but with a little bit of thought they can actually be a great deal of fun to shop for. We thought that we would help out by putting together a few ideas that could end up being winners when his special day arrives.  

Smoking hot 

Smoking might not be fashionable anymore but there are lots of variant of the old-school cigarette that still float a man’s boat. Cigars are things that can be enjoyed on special occasions. Or what about a vape pen Australia? They are significantly healthier than their predecessors and the best vaporizer Australia has to offer could probably be purchased and still leave you with some change. It’s certainly a gift that will get him excited. Or if that is not his idea of a good time, perhaps he would be interested in a hubbly, it’s a little more casual and social. 

Take him back in time 

What did your father enjoy when he was young. We are often very focussed on what he is interested in at the moment, but he might just love a gift that can take him back down memory lane. A bit of gentle probing will reveal the things he liked back in the day. We are thinking of the toys that he used to play with or the book that he used to read. How awesome would it be for an older man to receive something like Lego, if that is what he enjoyed as a kid. Or an old Hardy Boys book if that is what he read in his younger days. It’s less about the gift and more about the memories that are invoked. 

Make him something 

So often we are focussed on buying the perfect gift and we obsess about it. But parents tend not to be overly impressed by big gifts, when they tell you they just want you to be happy, they mean it. They don’t need you to go out and spend fortunes on fancy gifts, they will settle for something homemade every day. So play to your strengths and produce something that you can do well. It could be something from the kitchen if you are a good cook, or something crafty if you are good with your hands. As long as he knows that you have made an effort and it’s something that he likes, you will have a smiling dad. 


Send him somewhere that he wouldn’t ordinarily go. It doesn’t have to be fancy, like an all expenses trip to Paris. Tickets to a concert or a sports event will suffice. You know what he likes after all, so look and see when his favourite band is in town again, or the show he has been wanting to see is in season, and buy him tickets – preferably the best seats in the house.