Emollients in eco tan products

Emollients and balms in eco tan products are considered the most important sets of products in skin-care components that some potential customers are becoming anxious about. They are eager to know that exactly what is used in the skin care products they are using. They are eager to know which of the ingredients that are sued in the manufacturing of the product they are using is safe to use and which are not safe for their skin. This article will help you clear up all the confusions regarding your skin care products that if they fall in the category of ever eco products or eco tan products in Australia so you can purchase them with confidence. 

What is an Emollient and what should I look for? 

An emollient is a component or you can say one of the ingredients that is used in the manufacturing of tanning lotions that gives your skin a smooth, shiny, silky feeling and a glowing appearance. Some of the emollients used in eco tan products have been given a bad reputation and it is done rightly. Let’s take an example of mineral oil that is very cheap emollient and it considered to play a vital role in skin care, it dries out the skin and prevents it from getting the required oxygen it needs. This can result in chronic skin issues like dry skin and worst among them is premature aging of the skin. 

This is very unfortunate that silicone also lies under the same group. Silicone is extensively used in the skin care products and medical field both inside and outside the body and is totally oxygen absorptive. 

The good news about silicone in tanning lotions 

High quality eco tan products contain silicone instead of using mineral oil in them because it is known to forms a defensive layer on the skin that helps to lock in moisturizers and many other active ingredients that are necessary for healthy skin. The ever eco products or eco tan products offer more importance for the money because it helps to keep active ingredients are necessary on the skin longer time and it will not sweat away or wash off like other moisturizing lotions with cheaper ingredients used in them. Silicone is often found in the market with the name of dimethicone and it has been believed “a safe ingredient to use in cosmetic formulations” and it is reported by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR). 

Another common soothing agent used in high quality creams and lotions is apricot kernel oil. It is considered an all-natural ingredient to be used in the creams and it is cold pressed and they are high in vitamin E. Unlike the cheap moisturizers or soothing ingredients, apricot kernel oil enters into the skin without leaving behind any oily, greasy or sticky feeling that can make you want to run for taking shower to get rid of it. 

You will get what you pay for 

When you are looking for which tanning lotion to buy (or sell, if you are a tanning salon owner), you should know that there is normally a direct relationship between price and quality. Expensive tanning products have a higher percentage of high quality active ingredients than cheap. High quality tan- and skin- care ingredients reduce the signs of aging, makes tans appear faster and last longer. Thus, if you can afford it, always look for a more expensive alternative. 

For Eco-Conscious Consumers 

In addition to a raising issue regarding about how health can be badly affected by the use of emollients and other soothing agents in many eco tan products, the ever eco in Australia conscious clients and buyers are looking for some ingredients that are used in tanning lotions that are not tested on any animals and fall in the category of environmental friendly products. 

Eco tan products are now easily available in the market and one can buy them without searching in different stores. If you are unable to find such products in the nearby stores, then you can search it from online stores. There are many stores online that have a variety of such products in very reasonable prices. 

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