Have you found the love of your life? Are you planning to surprise her with the most beautiful yet most elegant marriage proposal? Do you wish to put a ring on her that is nothing like what you have seen around you? Do you want her to awe every time she looks at the remarkable piece of your love and remember the day you proposed her? Are you looking for something tense but at the same time novel? Something Great and immortal? Whatever be your choice of preference, look no further and contact MDTdesign today to get your custom wedding and engagement rings in Melbourne. We are the best in the field, and we know how to turn your dreams into reality with our craft and expertise. At our CBD gems store we make precious wedding rings, embedded stone rings and other magnificent jewellery pieces for your significant other and yourself. We pride in claiming that all our products and produce are 100% Australian made and are made with locally sourced stones and gems. The group owner, Mr. Nicholas Theohari and his experienced and talented team is all ready to aspire you with the best ideas and calm your eyes with our beautiful product range. We work significantly on customization and therefore no desire of the customers is left unenlightened. Irrespective of your customized requirements or you go for contemporary designs, we are aligned to fulfil your requirement to the fullest, leaving no room for unheard and unfulfilled desires. We make sure the product we produce for you has the capability for you to desire and cherish forever. 


So now you have the proposal in your way, obviously after dropping a few hints, for you presently it’s a great opportunity to select the ideal wedding band to oblige and we at MDTdesign have all the assistance you’ll require. Before choosing your symbol of love, consider some important aspects in order to keep this memory fresh for years and years to come. MDTdesign provides one of its kind engagement rings based in Melbourne.  

Finalizing your choice of wedding ring fro precious gemstones, platinum or gold, the process appears to be overpowering, yet do not let the thrill freeze you to the first option you lay your eyes on to. Be very slow yet careful in the selection procedure. Before stepping in your selected store, question yourself: Am I looking for a super sparkly and fancy wedding ring or do I find peace in single band designs? Do I aspire the metallic look or should it be customized by different metals? Do I want my wedding ring to go hand in hand with my wedding attire or should it stand alone as a shining piece of love? Once you have worked out these sorts of inquiries, now you can focus in on precisely what and which type of ring you are searching for and at that point step into our store with a clear sight in your mind. 

It is nothing to worry if you like gold and your partner is a fan of platinum, as there are no such set standards that you should consider before picking up the style of our wedding ring. At MDTdesign, you can always bargain to put different designs in techniques into your ring and make a completely new design of your choice of style and preference. This is the beauty of picking your customized wedding ring, something that has both of your styles and a mirror of your love and commitment. You can adore the design with twisted braid rose gold band with a pearl or a bright diamond with messed platinum. You can always experiment out of your mood board and give birth to a whole new idea that you wouldn’t have ever imagined. 

While you should not be afraid of experimenting, you should always keep in mind that this piece will always have an important place in your heart and your life. Therefore, before picking a design, think how timeless it is and if you will love it the same forever. 

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