Super Movers deal in removals and transport, all over Australia. We provide the service of local as well as interstate removals in Logan from residences and offices. The operators hired at Super Movers are highly equipped with qualification and experience to deal with removal and logistics operations. Operators are specially trained for removal and transport of heavy furniture and household items. No matter what the size of the job is, we ensure hundred percent deliverance of quality and value to our prized customers. We have moved houses from Brisbane to Melbourne and Sydney, covering all the locations in between. We guarantee finest customer service pre and post action, in order to increase customer loyalty and value. We are available 24×7 round the clock to provide guidance and our services. So, look no further and contact Super Movers now for a reliable removal service. 


Below mentions the dos and don’ts a customer should ensure for a hassle-free and comfortable removal and transportation job of your valuable items: 

  1. Emptying Furnitures and Heavy Appliances: 
    Before a furniture removal in Ipswich, make sure the furniture, cabinets and refrigerators are free of movable items before the arrival of movers. The presence of loose items can hinder in the moving process and can cause any unwanted accidents if not taken care of. 
  2. Keep Children and Pets Away: 
    Ensure the children and pets are kept out of the way while the operation is being conducted. Keep them busy in other activities in order to avoid any unnecessary interventions. 
  3. Alert your Neighbours: 
    In order to maintain an easy access to your home and easy commute of moving trucks, make sure your neighbours are given heads-up prior to the job. The neighbours will appreciate the prior notification and will ensure the aisles are kept clear, for a smooth moving job. For heavy and bulky items to move, it is important to have spacious alleyway for moving easily. 
  4. Prepare a Box for Essentials
    Before moving, prepare a box containing all the essential items that you may require, for example, cell phone, phone charger, home and furniture keys, working and charged flashlight, fresh towels, etc. 


In order to have a comfortable and efficient home moving job, maintain a check on below mentioned points: 

  • Pre-Book a home removal and transport company to avoid added stress and unnecessary addition of time-consuming activity. 
  • Every now and then you should declutter your belongings, but the job becomes essentially important when planning to move. Before attempting to pack your belongings, categorize them on the basis of what to sale, what to donate and what to take with you. 
  • Start your packing as early as possible rather then waiting for the last day of moving. The active approach will save you last minute hassle and discomfort. 
  • Maintain an inventory of goods to ensure all the things are kept organised and nothing is lost during the process. Moving holds a high chance of losing important items. 
  • Start your packing by starting from the least used room in the house. This will help you prioritize and keep the job organised. 
  • Make an arrangement of your utilities at your new home. Pay all the council taxes and keep an eye on the supply of gas, electricity and water in your new home. This will help you have time for yourself in your new home and relax. 
  • Label the packed boxes properly in order to have smooth rearrangement process once you have moved to your new home. In case you don’t want to write a short novella on each box, you can use coloured tapes and post-it for identification and categorise. 
  • You must have already visited your new home multiple times but what about the neighbourhood? Visit your area before moving in and start with short friendly conversations with your new neighbours. 
  • Before moving in, start updating your new address in your bank accounts, university or school accounts and every where you may expect to receive a letter or parcel from. 

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