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Life is shorter than a lot of people anticipate. You may be thinking about how slowly the days go by sometimes but before you know it a year has passed, and then five, and then 10 and then so on. Time passes slowly and it’s important to live your life in a way which will make you the happiest while you have time to do so. Your youth is usually the time when you can break free, unwind and party like you never will again. This article is not in any way favouring young people, rather addressing the fact that the young have a higher tolerance for alcohol and the liquor does not have that much of an adverse effect on them than say… someone 10 years older than them. No matter what age you are at, you will still be able to handle your alcohol better than someone 10 years older than you. While you have the time, live it up, party it up and enjoy yourself to the fullest because you don’t want to have time fly by and then look back on life with regrets.  
This article is not advising you to consume alcohol, for those of you who don’t drink, we are not encouraging you to drink, rather simply talking about various factors of drinking liquor with other people who do drink. If you are looking to get a bottle or two of whiskey or wine, we might just have the perfect place for you to check out. 
Nicks is a company which has been in the Australian alcohol business for over 60 years now. If you have any sort of alcohol in mind which you might be wanting for yourself or an occasion, Nicks will probably have it ready and waiting for you or have it delivered to you if you please.  

One of the best thing about the company is the fact that they will home deliver whatever it is that you want. Imagine you are getting ready for a romantic dinner in, but forgot the bottle of red wine which brings it all together. It may not be possible for you to go out and get one, so you improvise.  
Consider going online and placing an order with the company and waiting for the online wine in Australia to be delivered to you. You can be sure that the product which you are getting is fully authentic and in no way fake, tainted or expired in any way. The companies name would be at stake if that were the case, and the company has been around for decades.  

They say a small pint of whiskey in the evening has great medicinal benefits for anyone over the age of 40. Sit back and relax in the lounge with your glass of whiskey after a nice dinner, not only will it make you feel great, but the health benefits to your heart is something no one would say no to.  
Consider ordering yourself a bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey for you evening drink. Not only is it one of the most popular brands of whiskey in the world, it isn’t all that expensive either. You can easily get a good bottle of the whiskey in under $80. Honestly what more can you ask for? 

Please drink safely 

We cannot stress enough how important it is that you consume your drinks responsibly. Millions of deaths worldwide are attributed to some sort of intoxication. People do horrible things when intoxicated and lives are ruined and lost forever due to the effects of intoxication.  
Please do not drink and drive, you would not only be risking your life but others as well. Use a taxi, phone a friend, do whatever you have to do but just don’t drink and get behind the wheel. 

We hope these last few words resonate and dissuade anyone who might abuse their drinks and then consider driving. However, we thank you for reading this entire article and hope that you had found something interesting and useful. Wishing you all the best, stay safe drink responsibly.  

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